Sunday, January 3, 2010

A weekend of networking

I spent the weekend starting two new fan pages on facebook and networking with other crafters on Etsy. Kept me busy and facebook even stopped me a few times saying I might be scaming. Did anyone else get that warning?I have tried to follow several blogs but I must be doing something wrong as none of you have shown up in my following folder. mmm I must be doing something wrong.

I plan this week to get some more things listed in Etsy and my samples made for the two Officers Wifes Clubs stores for jury.

Share the love and lets get 2010, network, network

Here are my links
Facebook fan pages:

Here is to 2010 being a great year for all of us !!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

Boy what a year and I am so glad it is almost over. Alot of good things happened like my new house, new furniture and getting called back to my old job. Mom has been healthy as well as all my kids and grandkids. My health is a different story but I am on the way to better health thru better eating habits now that I am finally finding out what exactly is wriong with me. It is heck getting old. The economy has been horrible but I see a light at the end of the tunnel if I start doing things right and stay on track.

I have alot of things to be thankful for. Ced for always being there when I need him. My kids being there with their great ideas of things to make. My daughter in law for her God sent help with my health issues. Traci for telling me about Etsy in Sept. All my BBW friends. Plus all my wonderful customers I have met throught the year at bike rallys, my custom sewing, my sewing students and on Etsy. I appreciate you all very much. I would not of made it threw the year with out everyone.

Til next year
Hugs and be safe tonight

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It is a start

Today I ordered more Army & Air Force camo to start the samples for Ft Stewart and Ft Bragg. I also got a call today confirming my showing at the Nellis Officers Wifes Club in two weeks.

Two of the gals I met at the Toy Run two weeks ago want to start doing shows together with the Biker stuff. They know a whole other set than the ones I have been doing plus we are going to be doing Tatoo shows.

I was reading the Etsy Forums last night and read someones advice and their sample of running an ad on Craiglist under Artist just introducing myself. I did that right away and recieved 3 emails today which sound promising of possible shows and networking.

I had plans of sewing tonight but I got home and Ced was here and had hooked up my new BlueRay. So I ended up watching Julie & Julia. Great movie I lived it. Sometimes you just need to do nothing lol

Till next time.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My 1st Blog

I am going to try blogging . Do not know how well I will be at it but I am going to try.

I opened an Etsy shop the end of Sept and so far I am very pleased with it. It shows only 8 sales but I did alot of custom work that is not showing for some reason. I think I billed them wrong.

With the new year coming I have a lot of goals. Some personal and alot with my business. It all will take baby steps I am sure.
Some of my goals are:
1. 100 hearts by June on Etsy
2. Be at a sale a day by the end of the year on Etsy
3. Have my camo line in at least 5 bases thru their OWC by June
4. Develop my DoggyJazz line and have it in 5 local shops by June
5. Develop my BiggsMama line (biker gear) to where I am at every fund raiser and event in the valley
6. Have a commercial one head embroidery machine by April
7. Have a walking foot sewing machine for leather and patches by April
8. Have my items on other sites besides Etsy
9. Develop a web site
10. Quit my day job and be working from home successfully by June

Whew !!!! I have alot of work ahead of me lol

Till next time