Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It is a start

Today I ordered more Army & Air Force camo to start the samples for Ft Stewart and Ft Bragg. I also got a call today confirming my showing at the Nellis Officers Wifes Club in two weeks.

Two of the gals I met at the Toy Run two weeks ago want to start doing shows together with the Biker stuff. They know a whole other set than the ones I have been doing plus we are going to be doing Tatoo shows.

I was reading the Etsy Forums last night and read someones advice and their sample of running an ad on Craiglist under Artist just introducing myself. I did that right away and recieved 3 emails today which sound promising of possible shows and networking.

I had plans of sewing tonight but I got home and Ced was here and had hooked up my new BlueRay. So I ended up watching Julie & Julia. Great movie I lived it. Sometimes you just need to do nothing lol

Till next time.

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